This week 4C hosted a session at Social Media Week Chicago – Seizing Value During Live Moments On Twitter.

I was joined on stage by Jared Silverman of Resolution Media and Tommy Fillippone of Twitter.

Together, the three of us waxed poetic on the power of activating live moments via real-time social advertising.

Tommy covered some general Twitter trends including live streaming of premium content such as NFL and election debates as well as the rise of video as an ad format.

Jared walked through our joint case study –  SAP Uses 4C Sport Sync to Drive Contextual Engagement During NBA Finals.

And I covered off on the power of social media analytics to provide deep insight into the pulse of the populace using data from our US Election Impact Report. 

You can view our presentation via Slideshare and we’ll share out a recording of the session in a future newsletter when it becomes available.

For now, I’ll leave you with three keys to success in moment marketing:

  1. Automation – Seizing the moment does not require a social media war room working on standby. You can develop assets in advance for various scenarios and preload them into platforms like 4C to automatically trigger ads when certain live conditions are met.
  2. Collaboration – Teams need to be working in sync to effectively sync ads across channels and devices. Jared pointed to the partnership among four different Omnicom agencies working on behalf of SAP to execute its campaign.
  3. Creativity – Don’t waste your chance to deliver a brilliant ad in the moment. Stand out in a cluttered feed by running creative that shows you’re in the know with whatever event just transpired. 

As my good pal Tony Bombacino from Real Food Blends likes to say, it’s all about people, process and technology. This is certainly the case when it comes to seizing the value in moment marketing.

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