The inaugural ABBI (Audience Based Buying Innovation) Awards took place on November 2nd at GABBCON in Los Angeles. We were honored to receive the award for Best Use of Audience Data in a TV Campaign for our work with Turner.


4C EVP Sales Bryce Emo was on hand to accept the award for developing the first industry solution for targeting TV audience segments utilizing social data.

“GABBCON’s first annual ABBI Awards celebrate innovation in Video and TV audience based buying. We had an overwhelming number of entries in this, our first year. We took a new approach to judging in and let the industry select the winners versus a smaller panel of industry experts. We sent surveys out to nearly 10,000 brands, agencies, publishers and AdTech companies and had several thousand votes select our deserving winners. The campaign submitted by 4C and Turner was judged along with the other entrants and was clearly award worthy,” said Gabriel Greenberg, CEO and Co-Founder of GABBCON.

The new 4C solution enabled a film studio to target a specific audience that was likely to see a new film and amplify it on social. The groundbreaking audience-based buying solution fit neatly into the existing TV buying infrastructure while driving higher amplification for the film. TV targeting benefits from the use of social data over other sources in four key ways:

  • Infinitely customizable audience definitions
  • Real, natural human behavior observed
  • Massive scale – 1.5 Billion people globally
  • Incredibly recent data for maximum audience relevance

Turner placements generated nearly 3x more social engagements across Facebook and Twitter than other cable placements over the same period.

We achieved exceptional results by first analyzing Facebook and Twitter engagements from recent successful films that were similar to identify an audience. Then, the audience was further refined to select the people with the strongest connection to the releasing film by scoring those individuals based on social affinities.

Next, a TV behavior fingerprint was built for the social audience segment and mapped to a TV panel at a respondent level using their engagement and viewing behavior. This delivered a targetable audience segment for TV advertising based on social behavior without compromising personally identifiable information. Last, using our TV segment within its TargetingNOW solution, Turner produced the optimal TV schedule for a four-week marketing campaign leading up to the movie premiere.


By monitoring social engagement 2 minutes before and 2 minutes after the film’s TV ads aired on cable networks with our Teletrax global TV monitoring technology, we determined the impact of the placements on Turner’s networks compared to other cable networks. The socially-optimized placements generated higher amplification: 2.89x more social engagements during the same period. Since the technology is applicable for any TV marketer, we worked with Turner to launch the technology as a product that’s customizable for any brand.

We’re excited to have received the ABBI Award for demonstrating how social delivers improved TV advertising through audience-based targets. Read our case studies to learn more about how 4C’s leading solutions are improving performance for brands and get in touch with our team to learn about using Social TV Segments for your campaigns.