For brands, sponsoring a sport team, athlete, stadium or league can be a great way to connect with passionate audiences and build loyalty. But not all sponsors become royals. It’s critical to find a shared affinity between your brand and the property.

As a lifelong Chicago Cubs fan I can tell you that the impact certain brands have had on me is indelible and enduring – from the iconic Budweiser logo that adorned the rooftop behind left/center field to the Tru-Link Fence that Andre Dawson used to hit home runs over, I will always keep these brands in my considered set. That said, the likelihood of me or any average Cubs fan ordering a beer on any given day is much higher than building a house so I’d suspect Budweiser is seeing a better return on its investment.

Taking another example from our most recent hot fact, people who engage with Hefty on social media are nearly 40x more likely to engage with the Cubs than any other Major League baseball team. If you’ve been to a game at Wrigley Field this year, you’ll know the brand connection is quite, er, Hefty as the cameras beckon you to get your #CupsUp for a chance to appear on the scoreboard or use it to catch a foul ball. Clearly there’s a strong fit for the brand here making its sponsorship worthy of the royal treatment. 

Speaking of royals, our team just got back from Sportel Monaco, the leading convention for the global sports media industry. Along with meeting many key clients and partners, we were quite pleased to have Prince Albert II pop by our stand. For more takeouts from the event, be sure to check out our latest blog post.

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