In a world of fragmented attention, engagement is priceless.  

Brands have long known this and created marketing campaigns with the goal of maximizing engagement among their target audience.

Politicians know this as well and will often go to extremes to engage their constituents.

For brands and politicians alike, TV and social media are the top mediums for driving engagement. Accordingly, tallying up total engagement volume can give you a good barometer of attention being paid.

But not all engagement is good engagement. That’s why other metrics must be taken into account.

For our Second U.S. Presidential Debate Impact Report, we analyzed tune out on TV to see which moments literally turned off the audiences. We also looked at social media sentiment to see if engagement with the candidates was positive or negative 

When measured alongside segment rebroadcasts and overall engagements, these data points form true KPIs (key performance indicators) and can help you make sense of what’s happening foresee the future. And that goes for both political campaigns and marketing campaigns.

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