Golf is all about precision. The slightest tweak can make a major impact. Adjusting your grip. Leveling your shoulders. Playing the wind.

The same goes for media and marketing. A slight modification to your plan can go a long way. Swapping your creative. Bumping your CPMs. Syncing the second-screen.

 Our founder and Chief Scientist, Dr. Alok Choudhary, loves to use golf as an analogy for marketing with the need for perfecting both the long game and short game to succeed.

This past weekend brought the bi-yearly Ryder Cup to Minnesota for the first time ever and the title to Team USA for the first time since 2008.

 For brands, the Ryder Cup brought the opportunity to make an impact on a highly affluent audience. Mercedes drove away from the competition with 17 TV ad spots and a 642 social affinity index.

 Check out our Ryder Cup Impact Report for all the analysis. You’re gonna miss it when it’s gone. (And if you caught that reference you’ll love 10 Social Media Lessons from the Grateful Dead.)

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