Guten tag!

Today is day two of the digital marketing exposition and conference, also known as dmexco. Based on what I’ve seen here, though, I think the event can be rebranded as dmultiscreenco.

As marketeers from around the world – the unofficial count was 40,000 – converged on Cologne, convergence itself emerged as a key theme. In recognition of the fundamental shifts in consumer behavior and media consumption, brands and content providers are seeking solutions that can leverage multiple platforms in a seamless and scalable manner.

Sure enough, there are a wide range of companies tackling this opportunity. They range from start ups focused on ad syncing and cross-device identification to giants like Google and Facebook – with their walled gardens planted quite close in Hall 7 – providing inventory and attribution. 

And then of course there’s 4C sitting squarely at the intersection of TV and Social Media – on an island in Hall 6 – with solutions for analytics and activation.

The convergence era is upon us, bringing with it the multiscreen imperative. Now is the time to act, and 4C is the company to lead. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

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