LinkedIn has announced the release of conversion tracking for ads on the world’s largest professional network. This latest enhancement elevates LinkedIn marketing to the next level through improved audience insights and faster campaign optimization.

Conversion tracking within LinkedIn is significant to advertisers for two key reasons: 

  1. View historical benchmark data side-by-side with current campaigns
    Advertisers can now quickly evaluate the effectiveness of their targeting and messaging by comparing current performance to historical results.
  2. React faster to testing variables and campaign optimizations
    Now, actions like optimizing bids or changing creative can be updated based on yesterday’s conversion results without having to pull in data from other places.

This release demonstrates LinkedIn is delivering on advertiser needs and that LinkedIn is capturing more of marketing budgets. For anyone doing B2B marketing, LinkedIn is a table-stakes must buy.

As a LinkedIn Certified Ads Partner, 4C was able to test drive the new feature. We used LinkedIn Conversion Tracking to monitor subscriptions to our newsletter throughout August.


Through LinkedIn’s conversion tracking, we determined our LinkedIn ads were responsible for over 25% of our newsletter signups. We also found one creative was driving 86% of the conversions during the campaign. We improved performance by reallocating budget to that particular ad.

4C will continue to be on the forefront of new partner features that fuel client success so stay tuned to our blog to learn about the latest and greatest.

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