Programmatic advertising is all the rage in the digital world but is the television world ready for it?

There’s no doubt that programmatic processes are required to achieve the holy grail of marketing – right person, right message, right place, right time.

But at what cost? (Literally.)

How can broadcasters maintain premium value for premium content?

How can advertisers quantify that value and measure it in real-time?

Here at 4C, we don’t have all the answers but we certainly have a point-of-view.

Our proprietary data science across TV and social media combined with key inventory partnerships gives us a unique perspective.

The bottom line is we believe that PTV holds much promise but a prudent approach must be taken to ensure that all stakeholders can recognize the full benefits.

To that end we should not merely copy and paste programmatic from digital to TV but rather accelerate those aspects that will have the biggest immediate impact such as data application and workflow automation.

To get the 4C POV on PTV, download our latest white paper with insights from partners like MediaLink, Turner, Videa, and WideOrbit and register for our webinar with guest speaker Jim Nail from Forrester.

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