The industry’s emphasis on Moment Marketing ramped up in June and we’re seizing the momentum at 4C. Snapchat, a world-favorite for sharing moments in 10 seconds or less, announced its Snap Ads program this month, with 4C as a launch partner. At the 12 events our team attended across the globe in June, how marketers should capitalize on live moments was the underlying theme.

Volker Ballueder, VP of Sales and Activation for EMEA, and Alex Unzicker, Director of Sales and Activation, attended the AdTrader conference in Berlin. Volker spoke on a panel about mobile moments. With the average person looking at their smartphone 150 times per day, mobile moments, especially in conjunction with shared media experiences like award shows or major sporting events, are as important as ever. Leading into the Summer Games in Rio this August, marketers are locking down their plans for capitalizing on these mobile moments that bring people (virtually) together.


Speaking of mobile moments and shared media experiences, Twitter has proven itself to be the ultimate social network for allowing people to create these experiences. Whether its through syncing ads to TV moments that are bound to spark a Tweet storm or targeting everyone who uses the tennis ball emoji in a Tweet during Wimbledon, marketers are eager to join the consumer conversation. To help brands get the most out of their tweets, we hosted a webinar on Twitter Advertising this month, with a panel of experts from Twitter, Optimedia, and 4C. If you missed it, you can catch the replay here.

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While the advertising industry took its annual pilgrimage for rosé in Cannes, the discussion continued to come back to marketing moments. Snapchat’s visual presence at the festival was a constant reminder of the platform’s grand entrance to the ad game that’s encouraging industry-members to be better than ever at being a part of the moment.


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