We have been selling and advising clients for a few years on TV Synced Ads. The idea of second screening: people sitting on their couch, watching TV and then seeing the same ad on their second screen device that’s shown on TV. Or users seeing an ad related to the TV content, competitor sync or even programme sync. Bringing audiences across from offline to online.  And it works.

Not only do you see an increase in conversion rates, click through rates and engagement rates, you also see users being very interested in competitive ads, moment marketing around TV events like sports. So engagement is there, branding is there, performance is there – what else do you want?

Particularly at the time of the Euros, the fear of missing out (FOMO), drives users in front of the TV. Watching their favourite team winning or losing. A fantastic opportunity for a sponsor to extend their TV reach and capture the moment on a second screen device.

Now at 4C we don’t stop innovating. Why would we? We are at the forefront of TV and social media and have a tonne of data. One of the great insights we have is affinity data. Affinity data involved our data scientists running clever algorithms across Facebook and Twitter engagement data to establish affinities between brands, audiences and TV programmes.


So not only can we state the obvious like ‘Burberry’ and ‘Emma Watson’ have a high affinity as she models the luxury line and is their brand ambassador. But, ‘Nike’ and ‘Calvin Klein’ have high affinity, too. Leveraging affinities, Burberry can buy ads for all programming with Emma Watson or Nike can sync across second screens with Calvin Klein TV ads to engage fashion-savvy athletes. However, let’s say Burberry doesn’t really want to show a TV ad during a Harry Potter broadcast as it might not fit in their marketing plans, they can still hijack the ad breaks of the programme on second screens.


You are now able to find and engage with your most valuable audiences via the second screen. Affinities do exactly the job most brands need: prospecting a group of people without being too intrusive. Creating brand awareness with an audience that might otherwise not have been exposed to your brand.