Social buzz is a key factor in building interest for movie launches to drive box office results. Meanwhile, TV advertising is the second largest driver for social media engagement. To increase awareness for the release of a major motion picture, we partnered with Turner to deliver the first industry solution for targeting TV audience segments utilizing social media data. The result was a 2.9x lift in social engagement for the film.

By analyzing social media engagements from recent successful films that were similar to the film, we identified people who showed a pattern of engaging with those films. Through mapping the social behavior of those individuals to TV viewership at the respondent level we created a targetable audience segment for TV advertising. This socially-optimized audience target was used by Turner’s TargetingNOW solution to produce the optimal TV schedule for a four-week marketing campaign leading up to the movie release.

The groundbreaking method of using social media data to target TV audiences drove nearly 3X more social media engagement for the film across the optimized Turner schedule in comparison to other cable advertising during the same period. Through the partnership with 4C, Turner has the capability to target TV audiences based on social behavior for any brand marketer. Additionally, Turner will be able to integrate this new capability with its social offering, Launchpad, in order to seed and optimize the best audiences for TV ad targeting.

Read the full case study to find out how social data can improve the impact of TV advertising here.