The media landscape has changed quite a bit since the days of Ron Popeil hawking products via infomercials. His famous catch-phrase, “Set it and forget it!” sold more than 8 million Showtime Rotisserie Ovens and has become immortalized in pop culture.

Alas, the “set it and forget it” mentality does not capture the essence of marketing in a world of real-time optimization. Or does it? Best practices call for continual testing and iteration in an effort to reach the right person with the right message in the right place at the right time. But who says this can’t be automated?

Sure enough, solutions like 4C TV Synced Ads allow you to set (and forget!) key targeting parameters in advance so your campaigns will be triggered across screens based on live moments. So you can schedule your ad to show up for basketball fans on Facebook and Instagram every time Steph Curry hits a 3-pointer. Or you can program ads on Twitter to appear anytime a gold medal is awarded in this summer’s Olympics. How about LinkedIn ads synchronized to career-oriented TV commercials? Or Promoted Pins based on real-time weather conditions? 

Set it and forget it, indeed! Or, as I told the USA Today, when asked how advertisers will be able to leverage 4C to buy ads on Snapchat later this year “They can log in, set up and that’s it.”

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