Are you a telepathic marketer? Can you mindfully connect your brand with your audience at a level beyond sensory perception? This goes beyond the mere visual and audio capabilities of Television and Telecommunications and brings us into the realm of Teletrax. 

Teletrax is our proprietary solution for monitoring video content. We use patented watermarking and fingerprinting processes that are borderline telepathic. In the case of watermarking, we embed an imperceptible code into video, giving each piece of content a unique identity. This allows us to track your assets anywhere and everywhere around the world – it’s the ultimate in media clairvoyance!

In this edition of 4C’s Insights, we highlight a use of Teletrax by Groupe M6 through 4C Content Analytics, a partnership with Twentieth Television to evaluate brand integrations through 4C Advertising Analytics, an in-depth look at the U.S. Telecommunications industry, and lots of other stuff that doesn’t begin with Tele.

Now let’s all put our minds together and foresee the future of media!

Read the rest of 4C’s Insights Volume 9 here.

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