At 4C, we’re making waves across the media landscape as we raise awareness around the power of multi-screen marketing. We’ve been quite active with events and content demonstrating how we can help brands and agencies harness TV Synced Ads to improve their campaigns.

Last week we hosted our first UK MicroCon in partnership with MediaTel, a leading source of online information for the media industry. MediaTel’s overall goal is to enable greater efficiency in all aspects of the media process.


The event was titled “If viewers can multi-task… why can’t advertisers”? and kicked off with breakfast being served to a packed room of attendees at The Haymarket Hotel in central London. The 60+ attendees came from across the media, marketing, content, news and sports industries.

We had a fantastic panel including representatives from 4C, VivaKi, Media IQ, Channel 4, Forrester Research and an opening intro from Millward Brown and Chaired by MediaTel’s head editor.


The panel debate was lively, informative and challenging with topics around multi-screen, TV syncing, data, measurement and multi-tasking followed by a Q&A with the audience.

26985737565_972c1971bd_oKey benefits raised included:

  1. The power of syncing digital with TV and how they are complementary mediums
  2. The immediate results that 4C can generate to help with more instantaneous social actions
  3. By using TV synced ads an advertiser can generate increased reach

We also discussed the differences between deterministic and probabilistic modeling when it comes to user identification. Clearly, there’s no perfect answer here but advertisers must balance the need for accuracy and scale. There are also privacy considerations to consider. At 4C, we don’t do anything with personally identifiable information when it comes to TV Synced Ads so we can avoid those issues.

The debate also raised a host of other issues which MediaTel captured in a series of vox-pop videos:

Read the full MediaTel feature on their take-outs of the event and view all the event photos on Flickr.

Thank you to everyone who attended and to the panelists for sharing their insights. We look forward to doing more of these events in the future.