At 4C we’ve been advocating for brands to Carpe Momentum and seize the moment in a fragmented media landscape by engaging audiences across screens.



It appears we’re not the only ones thinking about the power of moments. Today, at the 2016 Forrester Forum for Marketing Leaders, the theme of the keynote session was 1:moment marketing.

The event host, Carl Doty, VP Group Director at Forrester, kicked things off by showing the progression from the pre-digital age of 1:many marketing to the digital age of 1:1 marketing.

But we’ve moved past that now. As we enter the post-digital age, the imperative becomes 1:moment marketing. Consumers are now always-on with devices that provide virtually unlimited data about their activities and interests. This goes beyond screens (phones, tablets, computers, TVs, etc.) to things (watches, thermostats, cars, even shoes).

The 1:moment mantra really narrows the window for “right time” in the holy grail of “right person, right message, right place, right time” and puts the onus on brands to use all the data available to deliver shared media experiences. Carl used Harley Davison as an example of 1:moment marketing throughout the customer journey.


Later in the opening session, Shar VanBoskirk, VP Principal Analyst at Forrester, went deeper on the 1:moment framework and shared insights from her new report, “Thriving In A Post-Digital World: Adopt New Marketing Rules To Connect With Entitled Customers.”

Shar described 1:moment marketing as frictionless, anticipatory and immersive. To execute, brands must be human, helpful and handy.


At the end of the day, the benefits of 1:moment marketing are clear for consumers and brands alike. Consumers get more relevancy and utility. And brands get more resonance and value.

But doing this at scale is hard. That’s why we’re here. 4C is obsessed with building unique tools for analytics and activation to help brands seize the 1:moment opportunity. We hope you’ll take a moment to learn more.