Teletrax data have been used for syncing ads to television for the past 3 years. Examples include matching up with TV programmes, ads, and ad breaks. We have seen great results with increases in brand awareness, CTR, unique users, engagement and conversions.

Why do TV Synced Ads score so well?

Often the 2nd screen experience is happening when someone has the TV on in the background. That means they are not fully engaging on the TV but more engaging on the 2nd screen device, which 50% are still laptops (Accenture, 2015).

Other times, the TV may be playing their favourite show and yet viewers are engaged on social media or reading the latest news release. Or they are chatting with their friends what’s happening on X-Factor as it happens. They are discussing the live events, the first airing in real time.

Those are the moments to capture and those moments happen most often in sports!

When Ronaldo is playing, the UEFA cup is on or Bolt is flying down the 100m track, or Mo is heading for the next long distance… that’s when people are in front of the box and engaging with the content. Linear content. Live content. They are in the moment with Federer and Hamilton, cheering for their favourite star.

This is when the sponsors coming into play, capturing the live moment. The moment the competitor falls over or their star is leading the game. When she beats the world record or the penalty is changing the game. Extra time or the FormulaOne crash are moments you want to be able to trigger your special creative.

At 4C we’re all about seizing the moment:

  • Changing the odds.
  • Increasing the offer.
  • Engaging the followers.
  • Joining the discussion.

Through TV Synced Ads, we help brands influence your marketing message, capitalizing on the live moment in order to bring relevance to the sponsorship. By enhancing your message and engaging your viewership online when they 2nd screen, you can amplify the message and bring context to game. It is truly a win-win for the sponsor and the audience. Visit to learn more.