Q1 was a busy one for 4C. Beyond announcing TV Synced Ads,  Political TV Synced Ads, our partnership with Teradata, new research with Turner on the effect of TV advertising on social brand engagement, and our #1 Customer Satisfaction rating on G2 Crowd, we attended 16 events across the US, UK, and Europe in the first three months of 2016. With conference themes ranging from electronics to programmatic to social media, the conversation consistently revolved around major trends in media and advertising. Here are the three major trends that stood out:



2016 will be a banner year for Snapchat. With new brands joining the platform every day and a growing advertising business, the 10-second-or-less photo and video app is on the minds of marketers everywhere. The most intriguing part? Snapchat’s millennial-skewing user-base presents a unique targeting opportunity for brands.


Virtual Reality

While it may sound like the next big thing to appeal to your inner child since adult coloring books, Virtual Reality is being embraced by major technology companies and publishers like Google and The New York Times. The VR content opportunities are truly endless, which begs the question, how will advertising adapt to these immersive experiences?


Live Moments

We’ve all heard the doom and gloom story about Over-the-Top streaming services killing TV as we know it, but the fact of the matter is that traditional TV is still the biggest player. One of the major factors contributing to the lasting success of TV is that live moments like athletic events or award shows must be watched live. The digital age may have brought us Netflix and binge-watching, but it also brought spoilers to social media, and the only way to be in the loop, and the conversation, is to watch right along with everyone else.


Take a look at our Event Calendar to see where we’ll be in April. We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!