The Ides of March Madness are upon us! No doubt many of you in the US are contributing to the $4 billion in lost work productivity during the annual college basketball tournament. I invite you to take your eye off the ball – or put it back on the ball,  depending on your perspective – and peruse our recap of 4C news and content from the past 2 weeks. 

The highlight is the launch of Sport Sync in our SaaS TV Synced Ads and Social Ads products. Now you can serve digital ads within seconds of in-game triggers like dunks, three-pointers or even technical fouls. For brands, the creative opportunities are endless. “Slam down a cold one.” “Get three for the price of one.” “No need to get technical with our software.”   

Please enjoy the second installment of 4C’s Insights and rest assured we’ll keep you in sync with all the key trends across TV, social, and beyond.

Read the rest of 4C’s Insights Volume 2 here.

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