In a recent post on the business.Pinterest blog this week, the world’s leading visual bookmarking tool announced new targeting enhancements for advertisers.

To date, Pinterest advertisers used term targeting in which Promoted Pins were contextually matched with keywords lists.

Now, there are two new options to target your Promoted Pins:

     1. Interest targeting enables you to reach people based on their affinity for certain things (such as healthy recipes or yoga). When you use interest targeting:

  • You reach a wide, relevant audience, determined based on content that they’ve Pinned and engaged with.
  • Your Promoted Pin is delivered in high traffic areas of the site, such as the home feed or relevant category feeds.

     2. Term Targeting is now Keyword targeting which like before enables you to reach people who come to Pinterest looking for specific things. When you use keyword targeting:

  • You reach a qualified audience actively looking for things to make, buy and do.
  • Your Promoted Pin is delivered in highly contextual parts of Pinterest: search results and related Pins.

Within 4C, advertisers can easily apply Interest and Keyword targeting along with other campaign parameters:

Pinterest image1

These new options demonstrate Pinterest’s continued commitment to innovation after tremendous success in 2015 – its first full, calendar year in market with an advertising offering. From January to December 2015, Pinterest advertising activity on 4C tripled in client adoption with spend 15 times what it was at the beginning of the year.

Pinterest image2

The meteoric growth in advertiser confidence with Pinterest is set to continue in 2016 and this week’s targeting announcement is an example of how the company is helping marketers access its inventory in new ways to drive more demand. Historically, marketers desire numerous “levers” to pull in their ad platforms so they can test and optimize different tactics to key in on how best to drive their business objectives.

As one of the first Pinterest Marketing Developer Partners, 4C has a strong track record of helping brands meet their goals including these case studies:

Given the high rate of innovation last year, it seems highly likely that Pinterest will continue to build more functionality that can help marketers achieve better performance. For our part, 4C will continue to be first-to-market with support for these new features to further fuel client success.

Stay tuned!