20 Predictions for 2020 Part 2

Jan 09, 2020 • Aaron Goldman

In this week’s newsletter I laid out 10 predictions for marketing and media in 2020 along with a smorgasbord of thought leadership we put out last year that foretold these trends. Here are 10 corresponding ways 4C will transform the industry along with more of the good stuff on the link juice front.

4C will add more closed ecosystems to its marketplace.

As emerging platforms gain critical mass and look to scale their advertising, 4C will be there to connect them with brand demand. We have a great track record with immersive media properties that boast engaged audiences and seek to monetize through a combination of influence, interface, people, purpose, goals, and growth.

4C will deliver more tools in Scope equipping brands to operate in closed ecosystems.

We may have  just surpassed the milestone of $2 billion in annualized ad spend but our value prop is so much more than than activation. Integrated media planning is but one example. We’re helping marketers completely relaunch their video and generate cross-channel insights.

4C will lead the convergence of linear and streaming TV ads.

We’ve been named a leader in cross-channel video advertising platforms with the Forrester New Wave Report stating “4C leads the pack with extensive linear and OTT/CTV inventory” but we’re not resting on our laurels. In the coming year we’ll unveil first-to-market products that capitalize on the promise of Convergent TV while avoiding the pitfalls of open web digital advertising.

4C will enable smarter linear TV planning.

Our upfronts planning solution is now battle-tested and will gain widespread adoption in 2020. But fast-forward to 2021, and you won‘t even recognize the upfronts.

4C will provide insights to help brands determine which properties to sponsor.

Whether it’s deciding what issues to take stands on or which athletes to sponsor, 4C’s AI will play a big part of the 2020 brand playbook. After all, the next Game of Thrones will be monetized “beyond the wall.”

4C will allow brands to measure more varied business outcomes from cross-channel video ads.

DTC brands may have the advantage here but our bring-your-own-data (BYOD) solutions help marketers of all kinds map to their source-of-truth.

4C will enable the deployment of Stories ads at scale.

As the face of Facebook and other platforms morph to put Stories front-and-center in more immersive ways, 4C will provide the tools to create and optimize them, ultimately giving brands the social lift they need from TV ads.

4C will be unfazed by privacy regulation.

Our CCPA compliance required no material changes to the Scope platform, our go-to-market policies, or to our business practices. You might call that the competitive advantage we predicted. 😊

4C will fuel agencies to new heights.

Scope helps agencies break down silos and ultimately market the way that consumers consume – seamlessly across all channels and moments – so that they can get back to shepherding clients’ strategies and growing their businesses.

4C will release new tools for brand intelligence.

We’re on a mission to build the leading self-service intelligence platform for marketers to drive business outcomes across closed ecosystems. Our 2020 roadmap is all about surfacing cross-channel insights and making them actionable. In so doing , ur clients can go beyond marketing and support intravenous sales models that allow any brand to go direct to consumer.

It’s never been a better time to be a marketer. 2020 will be the year that the future of media we’ve foreseen at 4C truly takes shape. And, no, you won’t need these glasses to see it.