13 Rambling Rickshaw Ruminations

Jun 28, 2018 • Aaron Goldman

Three things got tossed around quite liberally (and literally!) at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity – industry buzzwords, rosé corks, and rickshaw riders.

I had the pleasure of experiencing all of the above at various points during the week but the first and the last came together in epic fashion for our 4C Rickshaw Ramblings series.

Watch them all as one continuous playlist – plan for ~30 min. runtime plus ~50 mg Dramamine – and scroll down for key takeaways:

  1. Brad Piggott, SVP of Sales, Cuebiq: you want to be data agnostic – and you never want to run on BagofHam.com
  2. Matt Spiegel, Managing Director, MediaLink: when it comes to realizing the promise of true addressability for TV ads we’re there-ish
  3. Denise Zaraya, VP Partnerships, Integral Ad Science: lack of trust in digital marketing can/must be solved by transparency
  4. David Dowhan, CEO, TruSignal: performance is no longer enough, we need assurances that data are being sourced ethically and sustainably
  5. Michael Akkerman, Head of Marketing Partnerships, Pinterest: the search engine of the future may be a visual bookmarking app
  6. Daniel Druger, Head of Revenue Partnerships, Snapchat: different audiences must be approached with different messages
  7. Anupam Gupta, Chief Product Officer, 4C: it’s all about breaking down the silos to reach audiences across channels
  8. Andy Plesser, CEO, Beet.TV: marketers are concerned about their fundamental business and accountability is a big deal  – with blockchain being a solution
  9. Matt McGowan, President, Adestra: email is part of the conversation again – and I don’t know how to work a selfie stick
  10. Patrick Workman, VP Global Partnerships, Experian: penetration is great – Experian covers 98% of US households – but extensibility across channels is better
  11. Anne Bologna, Chief Engagement Officer, iCrossing: we are no longer living in a B2C (business to consumer) world we are living in a C2B (you can do the math) world
  12. Leo Polanowski, CEO, Perform Media: contextual search may not be the stuff of Gold Lions but the backend results are award-worthy
  13. Ella Coole, Pedicab Driver: there’s a first time for everything and, indeed, you can still “brake” new ground in Cannes

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