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Shared Media Experiences

Learn how brands can create emotional resonance with shared media experiences through multi-screen analytics and activation.

Next Generation Media Technology

Get smarter insights and better results from 4C’s solutions for buying, measuring, planning, and selling media across TV and Digital.


TV Synced Ads


TV Synced Ads

Boost your agency’s value prop and your client’s results by synchronizing ads across screens in real-time.

Automatically deliver ads across social, display, search, video, and mobile in coordination with TV ads and content. 4C’s proprietary technology automatically launches digital campaigns within seconds of customizable TV triggers to increase effectiveness through cross-screen synergies. Our solution is compatible with your agency’s tech stack including leading DSPs.

  • AD SYNC – Show simultaneous ads across screens while your TV commercial airs
  • COMPETITOR SYNC – Blunt competitors’ messages by syncing with their TV spots
  • CATEGORY SYNC – Automatically coordinate ads with 17 product categories
  • LIVE EVENT SYNC – Capitalize on real-time moments by syncing during live events
  • PROGRAM SYNC – Continuously deliver ads throughout targeted TV programs
  • AD BREAK SYNC – Deliver continuously throughout an entire commercial break and own all ad pods
  • SPORT SYNC – Coordinate ads with live sport moments such as touchdowns, pit stops, home runs, goals, etc.
  • POLITICAL SYNC– Trigger ads in top battleground states based on metadata
  • WEATHER SYNC – Trigger ads based on current weather conditions and forecasts around the world
  • PROMO SYNC – Automatically deliver ads within seconds of when network promos air
  • BRAND AFFINITY SYNC – Sync with commercials for brands that share similar social media affinities

Social Ads

Save time and improve the performance of your clients’ social advertising campaigns.

Power ads with ease on the first SaaS platform to enable advertising across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat.

  • Manage and scale complex campaigns quickly through bulk editing, smart groups, and auto-optimization features
  • Quickly reach audiences inclined towards your brand through proprietary targeting built on predictive data science
  • Increase efficiency with ease with pre-optimized, custom audience segments that can be applied across multiple formats and networks

Advertising Analytics


Advertising Analytics

Gain the intel to monitor and optimize TV ads in-flight.

Lower your target CPM and maximize your impact with comprehensive television audience delivery intelligence. 4C Advertising Analytics is the only solution to combine data from TV ad occurrences, cost, household viewership, and social engagement.

  • Strengthen your competitive intelligence with a complete competitor creative library including media placements and spend
  • Fine-tune your creative, program, and network choices for optimal audience delivery
  • Spend smarter with the right ads on the right programming
  • Discover which programs share an affinity with your brand
  • Verify ads are running where and when you planned
  • Understand delivery to your target audiences
  • Visualize ad impact with social engagement and affinity from 1.5+ billion consumers across Facebook and Twitter

Content Analytics


Content Analytics

Measure reach and performance of your content.

Use Teletrax, the world’s largest TV monitoring system to understand where, when and for how long video assets are viewed across the globe.

  • Quantify the exposure of video content in total minutes of exposure and estimated impressions
  • Optimize content through data-driven analysis and identify drivers of earned impressions
  • Gain insights through comprehensive reporting through secure portal or automated data interchange

4C’s done a great job from day one of constantly iterating, constantly innovating, new data sources, new inventory sources, new ways of streamlining and improving the way that people at VivaKi buy media.

Drew Huening, Product Director
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A lot of that (data science) is what 4C has and has built it into the DNA so as it scales they don’t have to go back and think about it.

Rishad Tobaccowala, Chief Strategist, Member of Directoire
Publicis Worldwide
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4C makes my life easier just by having everything in one place, all the tools that I need for all the major platforms that I work on.

Marly Schuman, Social Media Supervisor
Resolution Media
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4C provides deep product expertise and strategic insights.

Angela Eng, VP of Platform Solutions & Activations
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The great thing about 4C affinities is that they show you such unexpected connections.

Tricia Lasky, SVP Partnerships
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Working with 4C has enabled us to accelerate our advertising on Pinterest.

Terri Yeung, Senior Acquisitions Manager
Demand Media
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Not only has 4C helped us improve marketing results for clients, but they also deliver operational efficiencies by enabling our team to activate seamless, multi-channel campaigns.

Jason Dailey, SVP Precision Marketing
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4C is young, hungry, nimble, smart, ready to come in and partner with us and be an extension of our team.

Doug Kofoid, President of Global Solutions
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4C is excellent in terms of creating strategic partnerships with Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Terrence Moduthagam, Director, Programmatic
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4C is not only ingesting huge volumes of social data, but also creating insights that are actionable for a variety of products and services for the agencies.

Michael Wiley, Managing Director for Ventures
Publicis Worldwide
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Real-time social advertising is critical to success of today’s digital advertising. TV Sync was evidence of this power.

Gerry Bavaro, Chief Strategy Officer
Resolution Media
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Through 4C’s advanced technology solutions, we can easily engage consumers in creative, meaningful and efficient ways across Instagram and other channels on behalf of our clients.

Lora Parker, Chief Operating Officer
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