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Launch real-time social, search and digital display ads based on TV programs and commercials.

About 4C TV Sync

How do you engage distracted viewers?

Think about your behavior. When you’re watching TV, do you have another device in your hands? Are you checking it during the program? During the commercials? Both? You’re not alone. 85% of TV viewers are doing the same thing.

Capture multi-tasking consumers by taking control of the second-screen. Use 4C TV Sync to trigger social, display and search ads in conjunction with what’s on air and increase your overall exposure and brand impact.

  • Protect your TV investment by grabbing the attention of consumers who grab their phones while watching TV.
  • Allow audiences to digitally engage with your brand by pairing TV commercials with social, search and display ads.
  • Activate digital ads using real-time TV triggers including commercials, programs, product categories, competitors’ commercials and more.
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4C has proven to be a highly valuable partner for Performics on a global basis with leading SaaS technology and top-notch support. As we continue to expand our performance marketing practice across TV and Digital, the 4C platform will play an instrumental role in delivering results for our clients.

David Gould, Chief Delivery Officer
Performics Worldwide
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