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Understand the impact of TV marketing by measuring key performance indicators at the audience and creative level.

About 4C TV Lift

Do you know how consumers respond to your TV spots?

Exercise the power of the 4C Insights Affinity Graph™ to measure the brand impact and effectiveness of your TV advertising.

Use multi-channel synergies to gain insights and improve TV advertising performance.

  • Monitor changes in consumer affinity to evaluate the brand lift of your TV ads.
  • Gain insight into the symbiotic relationship between your various marketing channels.
  • Define your key outcomes and use our proprietary analysis framework to measure success.
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4C has proven to be a highly valuable partner for Performics on a global basis with leading SaaS technology and top-notch support. As we continue to expand our performance marketing practice across TV and Digital, the 4C platform will play an instrumental role in delivering results for our clients.

David Gould, Chief Delivery Officer
Performics Worldwide
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