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Utilize the world’s largest TV tracking system, to measure reach, protect content, and drive monetization. Just Teletrax it!

About 4C TV Analytics

Do you know what's on air at all times?

Gain insight into where, when and for how long your content was broadcast around the globe through Teletrax™. Through our proprietary watermarking and fingerprinting technologies we monitor 2,200+ channels in 76 countries.

Quantify the exposure of your video content in total minutes of exposure and estimated impressions by market, country, channel, program and more. Track your earned media through comprehensive reporting via secure client portal or automated data interchange.

Sample use cases for TV Analytics:

  • Contractual compliance
  • Sponsorship ROI
  • Copyright protection
  • Reach and performance analysis
  • Management decision-making
  • Client renewals
  • Competitive analysis
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4C Content Analytics has a track record of monitoring video assets that spans both popular content and niche subjects, which perfectly fits our service.

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