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Harmonize messages across screens by triggering social ads in real-time using TV, sport, and weather triggers.

About 4C Social Sync

How are you capitalizing on real-time moments?

Per eMarketer, 85% of people watching TV are using a second device at the same time. Leverage 4C Social Sync to increase exposure and foster relevancy through cross-screen synergy.

With 4C’s self-serve platform you can set up your social ads to appear in conjunction with live TV, sport, and weather moments.

  • Boost ROI by integrating the mass reach of TV and precise targeting of social.
  • Maximize efficiency with granular targeting controls across social platforms.
  • Activate social ads in minutes of real-time triggers across TV, sport, and weather.


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We’re really excited to use the new 4C Pacing Dashboard to manage campaigns across channels. 4C has been a great partner for us with its focus on self-serve technology and amazing customer service. Overall, the 4C Social product is best-in-class for client performance and team efficiency.

David Dweck, Partner, Group Director Search & Social
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